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Internship Business Development Project

London, UK

Job Type

Full Time/Part Time



About the Role

This internship role will support our 'Business Development Specialist' role.

This role will help PentaBind's aptamer services subsidiary to develop a strong sales strategy and growth plan.

Key Responsibilities

This role will be responsible for managing and executing a project to help to answer the question: 'How Can We Develop and Implement an Effective Sales and Business Development Strategy to Enhance Market Penetration and Revenue Growth for PentaBind’s Aptamer Design Services subsidiary company?'.

The Final Project Objective:

To design and implement an innovative sales and business development

strategy that significantly increases market penetration and revenue growth for the aptamer design services company, while establishing sustainable commercial partnerships and enhancing the company's competitive position in the biotechnology industry.

Timeline: 8-10 weeks

Key Deliverables

1. Document Findings: Prepare a comprehensive report detailing the research,

recommended strategies, implementation, and outcomes.

2. Presentation to Leadership: Present the findings and recommendations to the

company’s leadership, including insights, successes, challenges, and future


Ideal Candidate

  • Sales Expertise: Understanding of sales principles, customer segmentation, and sales channel optimization.

  • Business Development: Ability to identify partnership opportunities and maintain professional relationships.

  • Analytical and Strategic Thinking: Skills in market research, competitive analysis, and strategic planning. Willingness to learn industry specifics;

  • Communication Skills: Proficiency in verbal and written communication for pitches, presentations, and sales materials.

  • Project Management: Experience in planning, executing, and monitoring projects.

  • Leadership Potential: Demonstrated initiative, ability to work independently, and teamwork capabilities.

Desired Candidate

  • Digital Marketing Skills: Experience with SEO, social media, and content marketing

  • Industry experience in marketing, sales, or business development

  • Knowledge of the biotechnology industry

About the Company

Read more about PentaBind, our culture and what to expect via the button below.

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