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Vice President Drug Discovery

London, UK

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About the Role

This desk-based (non wet-lab) position will focus on disease strategy and preclinical design in the context of an early-stage AI drug discovery company. The role will drive and support both our top-down strategy, and our bottom-up preclinical experimental design, through: (1) market and target indication prioritisation; and (2) designing drug discovery projects. The position will also offer outstanding opportunities to lead clinical programmes, IND applications, and ultimately bring a novel, precision-ready, therapeutic to the clinic.

It is ideally suited for a motivated scientist who is passionate about the fusion of pharmaceuticals and technology, and enjoys applying their experimental biology background to commercial strategy.

Key Responsibilities

Prioritise target-indications that leverage the strengths of PentaBind aptamer-based technology

  • Top-down strategy: Support the prioritisation of mechanism, disease areas, targets, route of administration and the delivery technology.

  • Suggest your own ideas and present strategy proposals to the senior management, and clinical advisory board.

  • Support the creation of target dossiers, which includes:

    • Literature reviews and market reports using a variety of tools, databases and pathway analyses.

    • Patent landscape evaluation, drug tractability, target-disease biology and differentiated efficacies.

  • Conduct primary market research through interviews with clinicians, patients, Pharma and other stakeholders.

Design drug discovery/development pipelines

  • Supporting bottom-up experimental design: Support the design of in-vitro and in-cellulo proof of concept experiments for aptamer-based protein inhibitors and degraders, aptamer-based delivery systems (LNPs and ADCs).

  • Analyse, interpret, and organise results to present to colleagues in regular internal research meetings, as well as external national/international and investor meetings.

  • Assist in the writing of scientific articles, whitepapers and patents.

  • Collaborate with the internal R&D AI team, as well as our ongoing relationships with industry partners, academic partners, CROs/CDMOs, clinicians, patients, investors, and our advisory board.

Ideal Candidate

  • Must have obtained (or be awaiting viva following the completion of your thesis) a Ph.D degree or Masters degree in Chemical Biology or a related field in Life Sciences, such as Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Cell Biology or Pharmacology.

  • 10+ years industry experience (private small/startup or medium to large pharma) or translational scientist + 5 years industry experience.

  • Industry drug discovery and development experience with two of: targeted protein degraders, oligonucleotides, aptamers, other biologics, ADCs, radiotherapies, small molecule agonists, or antagonist inhibitors.

  • Have taken at least one drug to IND submission (Ph1 clinical trials).

  • An entrepreneurial mindset to problem solving.

  • English language speaking, listening and writing fluency.

Desired Candidate

  • Hands-on experience with a range of biologics-based assays and techniques that evaluate in-vitro cytotoxicity, activity, internalisation and dose-response efficacy (such as ELISA/ELONA, MTT, western blot, EMSA).

  • Experienced in high-throughput in-cellulo screening of drug assets.

  • Publications in major scientific journals.

About the Company

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