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SELEX Analysis Free Trial

PentaBind supported us to find aptamers with higher binding affinity compared to the original [manually designed] sequences and did this in less than half the time and cost of manual experiments"

PentaBind customer

Free AI-Powered SELEX Analysis
for 2 months, no strings attached

A Potential Gold Mine
PentaBind’s industry research reveals that many SELEX experiments fail because existing bioinformatics tools fail to detect enrichment, despite successful enrichment. This leads organisations to halt their campaigns, wasting time and money. Importantly, many organisations risk losing promising aptamer candidates.


PentaBind predicts that SELEX laboratories are sitting on a gold mine of past experimental data and they don’t know it yet.

A Promotion for PentaBind’s Wider Services
To promote the paid full version of SELEX Analysis service and wider services, PentaBind is offering a limited time promotion to academics and industry who are conducting SELEX in their own laboratories.

Obtain free trial access to PentaBind’s powerful AI-powered SELEX Convergence and SELEX Bias Analysis features of the SELEX Analysis service for 2 months with no strings attached.

  1. Determine the success of your current and past SELEX experiments as PentaBind’s AI can detect enrichment that would otherwise go unnoticed.

  2. Help to cut your costs and reduce time of your aptamer SELEX through gaining deeper insights into your SELEX.

  3. Refine your SELEX strategy going forward.

  4. All of your SELEX data is owned by you and treated as highly confidential and secure. If there are ownership rights within the free trial SELEX Optimisation report these are also owned by you. To provide you with greater security confidence, as part of this service PentaBind will never ask you to identify your target molecule of interest. PentaBind's AI is powerful and generalised enough to provide insights with only knowing if it's a protein or small molecule target.

  5. PentaBind will not use your data for any internal model training or any purposes other than those stated in the Terms of Use. PentaBind will delete all of your SELEX data from their servers after use.

  6. There are no obligations to pay fees to use this service during the 2 month period and there are no obligations to acquire further services from PentaBind.

Why is PentaBind offering this?

  • PentaBind hopes that by providing free trial access to limited features of our SELEX Analysis service, a proportion of users will be motivated to utilise the paid full version of the SELEX Analysis service.

  • To further help the industry, in the future PentaBind may generate industry analysis reports that contains anonymised and redacted high-level information about the industry's SELEX performance. No aptamer sequences and no SELEX data and no identifiable information will be included. See Terms of Use for more information.

  • PentaBind’s goal is to empower the aptamer industry to help society. PentaBind hopes that this project will demonstrate PentaBind’s commitment to reaching this goal.

Terms of Use and Non-Disclosure Agreement

Please see our Terms of Use.

Your feedback and thoughts and ideas

We would love to hear your feedback to improve this new (beta version) service for the aptamer community. Please feel free to share your comments here.

Notice a problem?

If you have any issues please Contact Us.

Start Now

Complete the eligibility sign up form via the button below and PentaBind will check if your organisation is eligible. If approved, within 24 hours you'll receive a email instructing you on the next steps to upload your SELEX data.

Demo SELEX Convergence Report
View the demo report
  • What type of SELEX can you analyse?
    Any SELEX can be analysed including (but not limited to) bead-based SELEX, CAPTURE SELEX, CELL SELEX.
  • What happens when the 2 months free usage runs out?
    You are welcome to use the paid version of SELEX Analysis or any of PentaBind's paid services. More information can be seen on PentaBind's Services webpage here.
  • Is the promotion really free?
    Yes! The promotion provides free use of the SELEX Analysis service (sequence information is not disclosed as part of the free trial) for 2 months to eligible users. See the Terms of Use for more information.
  • My SELEX data shows no enrichment, should I generate more data before using your tool?
    No, you can use this tool for free (for 2 months) to understand the enrichment of your existing data and then use insights from the generated report to decide on the best strategy to continue. This could save you time and money from generating data from additional unnecessary SELEX rounds.
  • Does the tool only work for a particular type of target?
    The tool can analyse SELEX data for almost any target including small molecules, proteins and cells.
  • Does it matter if my SELEX data is RNA or DNA aptamers or contains modified nucleotides?
    It doesn't matter. PentaBind's AI can handle RNA and DNA aptamers and modifications whereby each nucleotide base within the sequence has the same modification. Please ensure that you detail the sequence type and any modifications to your Data Upload form. The SELEX Analysis is unable to handle sequences that contain modifications to the backbone or a single nucleotide base.
  • Is my SELEX data kept confidential and secure?
    All of your data and PentaBind’s analysis of your data is owned by you and treated as highly confidential and secure. To provide you with greater security confidence, as part of this service PentaBind will never ask you to identify your target molecule of interest. PentaBind's AI is powerful and generalised enough to provide insights with only knowing if it's a protein or small molecule target. PentaBind will not be liable for any loss of data, whether due to malicious attacks or otherwise. You assume all responsibility and risk for data loss when using the Service. See the Terms of Use for more information.
  • Who owns my SELEX Data?
    Users retain full ownership of all data submitted to the Service as well as the intellectual property rights in the analysis and reports generated by the Service. By utilising the Service, users grant PentaBind the right to publish industry analysis reports that may include aggregated and anonymised metadata and enrichment analysis derived from user data. These reports are intended for public use to contribute to the broader understanding and development of the SELEX field. PentaBind guarantees that these industry analysis reports will not include any personally identifiable information, organisation identifiable information, specific SELEX data, or aptamer sequence data. The intent is to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of proprietary information while enabling PentaBind to share valuable industry insights. PentaBind is expressly prohibited from using this metadata and enrichment analysis for research and development purposes, for improving its AI algorithms, or for any purpose other than the creation of industry analysis reports. See the Terms of Use for more information.
  • How do I sign up for the SELEX Analysis Free Trial?
    Visit the SELEX Analysis Free Trial webpage here to apply and check your eligibility.
  • How long does it take to get my SELEX Convergence report?
    PentaBind's AI only requires 5 minutes to perform analysis of your report. We then currently use a human assessor to double check the contents accurate before we share the report with you. This may add 48 hours of additional time before we share the report with you. The Service is provided "as is" and "as available" without warranties of any kind. We do not guarantee uninterrupted access and may temporarily disable access to the Service for maintenance or due to technical issues. We will make reasonable efforts to notify users of any planned downtime in advance. PentaBind will process your data as quickly as possible but does not provide guarantees on the turnaround time for delivering AI insights and reports. See the Terms of Use for more information.
  • I've received my free trial SELEX Analysis report from PentaBind, what next?
    After analysis of your submitted file these are potential next steps: Conduct additional SELEX rounds to improve convergence even further and evaluate your new data with this tool again. Analyse another SELEX experiment and upload more data to this tool again. Learn more about PentaBind's paid full version AI-driven SELEX Optimisation and other services via the Services webpage here.
  • My free trial SELEX Optimisation report says there was no enrichment of aptamers, what next?
    If your free trial SELEX Optimisation report states that no aptamer enrichment was identified within your SELEX data then it is recommended to conduct your SELEX again and submit new data to PentaBind.
Free Trial FAQs
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