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Unlocking new Aptamer therapeutics with Generative AI

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Targeting of Any Protein

We're developing our therapeutic drug assets to target previously 'Undruggable' human proteins; the largest class of human proteins and a driver of multiple cancers and diseases.


Our proprietary AI-based platform applies a powerful Generative AI approach to enable the design of aptamers (short, single-stranded DNA or RNA sequences) with ‘drug-like qualities’, a balancing of multiple design features including binding, specificity, stability etc. Traditional wet-lab aptamer design (SELEX) only designs for binding and so, for the past 20 years, aptamers have been mostly limited to academia.

The time for aptamer therapeutics is now. Key aptamer patents recently expired, the 2nd aptamer drug received FDA approval in August 2023 and the successes of mRNA vaccines and gene therapies helped to de-risk aptamer drugs.


A Platform TechBio Company

PentaBind is a platform TechBio company consisting of bioinformaticians, data scientists, biophysicists, engineers and synthetic biology experts, who's CEO is a serial entrepreneur (1x biotech exit). They are backed by Twin Path and Entrepreneur First among others, and shortlisted as New Startup of the Year by Cancer Research Horizons.



Generative Algorithms and Aptamers will unlock the next generation of therapeutics


Contact us for partnership or investment enquiries. For job opportunities please apply via our Careers webpage.

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